X-Ray Machines

Detelec x-ray Machines are modern, versatile and eco friendly scanners. They are designed to screen luggage at checkpoints.


  • Different tunnel sizes from 500x300mm to 1000x1000mm
  • Single and Dual energy units to distinguish between organic and non-organic materials
  • Thread Image Projection to train and monitor performance of operators
  • Integrated CCTV System to monitor surrounding areas
  • Conveyor Motion Sensor System to reduce power consumption
  • Integrated GPRS Wireless System for remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Detection of ultra thin materials
  • High Speed Data Acquisition and Transfer with High Image Resolution
  • Multi-display Joint Terminals and Remote Terminal Display with Multi-level user interface.

500 Series

  • 5030
  • 5030ME
  • 5030ME-HR
  • 5536
  • 5536HR
  • 5536T

600 Series

  • 6040
  • 6040HR
  • 6550
  • 6550HR

1000 Series

  • 10080
  • 100100

Detelec 5030

A compact x-ray inspection system designed to screen small to medium size objects. Ideal for briefcases, ladies bags, backpacks and small packages. Ideal for correctional services visiting area, courts and small to medium entrance security checkpoints. Single energy with 80kV x-ray Generator

Tunnel Opening: 505 mm (W) x 305 mm (H)

Detelec 6040

A medium size multi-energy x-ray inspection system designed to screen medium size objects. It will distinguish between organic and inorganic materials. With higher steel penetration is designed for medium to high security checkpoints.

Tunnel Opening: 605mm (W) x 405 mm (H)

Detelec 10080

A multi-energy x-ray inspection system designed to screen medium size objects. Multi level user management data system improves reliability of system reporting.

Tunnel Opening: 1010 mm (W) x 810 mm (H)